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Extract from the decision

January 15, 2003 Kiev № 7-05/1

Of increasing the requirements to specialized publications,
included in the list of the HAC of Ukraine

Item 3. Necessary elements of a scientific article:

  1. Formulation of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks.
  2. Analysis of recent researches and publications in which provide isolation of the problem, and are based on the author.
  3. The allocation of unsolved parts of the general problem which the article is devoted to.
  4. Formulating the objectives of the article (problem definition).
  5. Summary on the basic research material with full justification of the results obtained.
  6. Conclusions of the study and perspectives of further researches in this direction.
    1. For publication in the journal are accepted previously unpublished works of domestic and foreign scientists - economists in the sphere of economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, insurance, stock exchange and banking, ecology, recreation and tourism, international business, state and regional administration, science and education, as well as methodological and practical material for the training of specialists in economics and management. Publications must match the requirements of the HAC of Ukraine of January 15, 2003 №7-05/1.
    2. The manuscript is available in Russian, Ukrainian or English on sheet A-4 size, 1.5 line spacing, font - 14 pt Times New Roman Cyr, half interval, all margins of 2 cm. The manuscript within 6-10 pages including figures, tables, references. Pages of the manuscript should be numbered consecutively (in the lower right corner of the page).
    3. In the upper left corner of the first page, put the index of UDC. In the top right corner is a surname and initials of the author (authors) with the indication of a scientific degree and position of each, in the middle - the title of the article, and then the main text.
    4. The list of references (only those that are referenced by the author) provides a General list at the end of the manuscript and made in the order of priority of links in the text in the original language according to the current state standards and the requirements of HAC (Bulletin of HAK. - 2009. - № 5).
    5. References in the text to the literature are served with page numbers in square brackets.
    6. Together with the manuscript of the article in electronic form is available on a separate sheet:
      • The Author's Backgroundcompleted, signed, scanned and certified that the materials don’t contain data that should not be open to the public.
      • The annotations in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English) - first name, last name (in full) of authors, article title, abstract text up to 300 words and keywords (3-10 words).
      • The information about the author (Russian, English) with indication of surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, rank, place of work, address, email address and phone numbers for contacts;
      • The certified accordingly the review of doctor of economics (if not among the authors of the doctor of economics).
    7. Authors of published materials are responsible for the accuracy of these facts, quotations, economic data, proper names, place names and other information, and also for the fact that the materials don’t contain information that should not be open to the public. 8. Manuscripts are not returned.
    8. Manuscripts will not be returned.
    9. Editorial office address: Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University, Vernadsky Ave, 4, Simferopol, Ukraine, 95007, office 204 V. Phone +38(0652) 63-75-66. E-mail: